4 Questions to boost your social media

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, we all know the use of social media for business has become the part of the marketing strategy today. You sure you are getting what you want from your social media strategy? There are several things you should keep in mind before implementing any social media strategy.

Here are 4 Question you should ask before you implement your social media strategy

1. What are Your goals?

If you are a start-up, then your social media strategy might be creating brand awareness about your services or product. If you are already an established brand, then you might be looking for getting new sales and generating more leads for your business. It entirely depends on the niche and industry you are in.

2. Which platform to choose?

When it comes to decisions about which social media platform you choose, its depend upon your costumers. You should research and see which social media platforms they are using. Let’s say you are targeting young people or teenagers, then instagram and tiktok would be more appropriate for them rather than using twitter or reddit. It also depends on the demographic of your audience. Likewise, in China, most people use we chat, and in India, the majority of people are using whatsapp.

3. what would be your Content Strategy?

Many organizations have a budget and team to produce more and more content. Organizations are focusing on creating more and more content without thinking about what their targeted audience wants. One survey shows that 46% of consumers follow a brand because of their inspirational and quality content. It could be anything from articles, videos, and pictures. The more you understand the consumer behavior, the more you Quality content you create, and this leads to more shares on social media, which gets you more leads and conversion.

4. Do you Engage with your audience?

Engaging with your audience on social media is very important. You need to show your audience that you are listening to them. Engage with their questions, concern, and suggestions. It increases your goodwill, and you gain the trust of your targeted audience.

Every company is trying to reach its potential customers through social media. I hope that asking these four questions before implementing any social media strategy will help make better decisions.